Jul. 26th, 2009

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Info and various points on what we know about Matt from canon sources.

Character Profile:

"An easygoing, softhearted and gentle young man.

The polar bear Kumajirou is always with him. They’ve been together for so long without even knowing about each other, so he can’t remember his name.

He hates being mistaken for America, so he tries to show the appeal for Canada in various ways, but… He hates fighting, but his neighbor is his neighbor, so when will he be able to live in peace…?"

Comic References

Other (Drama CD's and other misc)

""Its so funny how Canada says things only old people would say even though he's so young." - America (Hetalia Drama CD 01)


Things I've assumed about Matt from non-canon related sources.

[In Game canon]
Things that have happened to Matt throughout the course of [community profile] soul_campaign that have accounted to the development of his character.

- Role as a Meister
As a Meister, Matthew will have to take a more front seat role as the fighter of the partnership, rather than staying a wallflower and blending in with the background.

- Realization that he's become human
No longer as hard to kill as he used to be, and now coming to terms with a human process called aging. He's more adaptable than others like him, but this is never far from his mind. Also, as pointed out by another player, because they are human and cut off completely from their lands, they are no longer influenced by the collective conscious thought of their home or people. His thoughts, emotions and actions are completely his own. This will be key to his later development.

- Calming Wavelength


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