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Player Name: Jami
Age: 20
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: [profile] maplecoffee
Contact Information:
Instant Messenger: AIM: othermenialtasks
Email: saiyanqueen14 at yahoo dot com


Name: Canada / Matthew Williams
Age: Looks around late teens, early twenties. He's actually much older though
Gender: Male
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Timeline: Present Day

Character Personality: Calm, quiet and rational are often used to describe Matthew. He's soft-spoken and kind-hearted and almost the complete opposite of his brother, Alfred. As such, he's also an extremely patient individual and much more laid back than his neighboring country. He would also much rather find a peaceful solution rather than fight if he could.

Matt is definitely not without his faults despite all this. Often times Matt finds himself getting ignored on serious topics with his inability to speak up. He’s sometimes not quite confident in what he can do and when things get dire, he’s been known to lose his calm and explode. He also has something of an anger trigger. Once he's to a certain breaking point he's been know to let loose on whatever poor soul pissed him off. He ranted at America for three hours straight once, for example, which ended with the latter in tears.

And although he's usually a pretty nice guy, Matt does have a sarcastic streak and a subtle passive-aggressive nature. This is something he usually reserves for Alfred but anyone really willing to get on his nerves would be subject to this as well as a light cynical attitude that he probably got from England.

Character Abilities: He ages much slower than normal people because of what he is, and along with that, he's built a bit tougher than normal people.

He's also able to make America cry. With words.

Character Weaknesses: His quiet nature makes him almost invisible to others and because he's practically Alfred's twin, he's often mistaken as him. This has gotten him beaten up on more than one occasion.

He's also a little less than confident in what he can do, thus holding him back. Oh. And he has the uncanny bad luck of sleeping in on important mornings


Why your character should be a Meister: Though he's a peace loving person, Matt's no stranger to wars and fighting. He's been on the battle field countless times and he generally knows what he's doing. He's just a bit rusty as it stands.


Soul Description: Soft-spoken, peace-loving, friendly, capable, jittery, forgetable

Soul Appearance: A light, transparent red with the equivalent to his ahoge sticking out of his head. Much like this only nicer looking. orz


First Person:

...Ah. This is um- I don't think I remember going to sleep here. I don't think this is my house, either.

Hello? If anyone is reading this, I would appreciate an explanation! Please? And maybe directions to the nearest embassy? Ahahaha, I hope I didn't miss the meeting...

Third Person:

A quiet sigh escaped Canada's lips. It went unheard, like he expected, which was all well and fine with him. He didn't care to get a scolding glance from Arthur, who sat across the table or anyone else who might have found him otherwise rude.

But honestly, how could anyone blame him? How many times was it that they had to all sit through another speech from his oh-so-heroic brother talking about how building giant heroes would somehow solve global warming, world hunger, and the economic crisis Italy. He wasn't completely sure why everyone let him do it, other than for the sake of humoring him so that the meeting would end sooner.

He was half tempted to say something about it but ...really it wasn't like he'd be heard. So, Canada, otherwise known as Matthew Williams to those who remembered, sank back into his chair and began folding the napkin that sat under his glass of water into a make-shift maple leaf.

He'd learned ...ah, what was it, origami? From Japan on one occasion that he'd visited. That wasn't what the napkin was turning into, since he couldn't remember for the life of him how to make those pretty birds. At least this was occupying his boredom.

Eventually Matthew had gotten so focused that the shove on his shoulder caused him to yelp in surprise. "Hey! W-What-!"

Wait ...where did everyone go? The meeting room was suddenly empty.

"Jeez, Matt, spacey, much? Meeting's over! Everyone left." It was Alfred. He had his arms crossed and was giving him one of those 'Man, you're weird' looks.

What!? He'd missed the whole meeting!?



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