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Name: James
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Character Name: Canada, Matthew Williams
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Gender: Male
Age & Canon Point: 400+ (Appearance is that of early 20's)
Requested Sponsor: Amethyst
Entry position: Instructor // CUL 101, INTR 101
History: Country and Character

Also, coming into the game, Matt spent two years in the game's world which will be summarized here for convenience sake.

When Matt first arrived he spent a few hazy weeks trying to get his bearings in Balamb. After a while he decided to go ahead and try for a scholarship to Garden, hoping it would present him with the opportunity to better learn about his surroundings and to maybe find a way to go home.

He enrolled as an Intelligence major and graduated about a year and then went on to become an instructor while taking missions here and there.

He's comfortable in this world, but he's still hoping for a way home.

Abilities & Physical Abnormalities: The first thing to remember is that Matt is the physical, humanoid manifestation of the country of Canada. He is not really human. As such he ages remarkably slower than normal people, rather he ages with the growth of his land. It's also extremely difficult to harm him. He takes damage when his home does, so harming him otherwise would be much harder and likely wouldn't retain and lasting damage.

It makes him rather ideal for missions. How do you kill a country?

Personality: Calm, quiet and rational are often used to describe Matthew. He's soft-spoken and kind-hearted and almost the complete opposite of his brother, Alfred. As such, he's also an extremely patient individual and much more laid back than his neighboring country. At his core he is a peace keeper and someone who would much rather talk through a solution than fight. He has a gift in diplomacy above all else and is an idealist who just wants the world to calm down and get along.

Matt is definitely not without his faults despite all this. Often times Matt finds himself getting ignored with his inability to speak up. He has issues with his self-confidence and often finds himself unable to truly believe in himself. Despite that, he is an optimist, even in the most hopeless of ways. Despite having convinced himself he can't do something, he will still give it his all, no matter what it is. Matt may be soft, but he is no quitter. He also has something of an anger trigger. Once he's to a certain breaking point he's been known to let loose on whatever poor soul pissed him off. He ranted at America for three hours straight once, for example, which ended with the latter in tears.

And although he's usually a pretty nice guy, Matt does have a sarcastic streak and a subtle passive-aggressive nature. This is something he usually reserves for Alfred but anyone really willing to get on his nerves would be subject to this as well as a cynical attitude that he probably got from England. In addition, Matt is someone who's been alive for many centuries. He's seen his fair share of wars and violence. He's seen the highest and the lowest points in humanity and so he is by no means naive. He has a serious mode and knows very well how to conduct himself on the battle field.

From the point I will begin playing him in Witches Reign, Matt will have lived in the game's world for two years. Though he wouldn't have given up trying to find a way home, he has adjusted to the world. He's a competent SeeD as well as an instructor, though he is still obviously soft-spoken and a little nervous.

What are your plans for the character in-game? Playing Canada in a role of responsibility is something I always have fun doing. It really gives his character a chance to grow so those are mostly my intentions OOCly As far as him in the game, he'll be doing what he can to help the cadets, people who got dragged here like he did, the best he can as well as look for any clues on how to go home.

Anything else? He has a pet polar bear that he carries around. Would he be able to keep that? And would it have to become a GF. If it does, then summoning it would inflict either the sleep or confusion status effect.


Complete TWO out of the FOUR options.

ii) This was definitely beyond anything Canada could have imagined himself doing. Sure, he was someone who lived through history, but that didn't mean he ever really had the opportunity to go out and just. Do whatever he felt like. He had all the years of a near immortal but almost always a busy schedule. It's what happened when you were a being like he was. Paperwork this, meeting that. When he was free? He didn't want to do anything. So he didn't. He would typically just sleep. or try to clean and then sleep anyways, the narcolept he was.

So, to find himself suddenly a teacher (and a part-time mercenary?), doing something as domestic working at a job, well. It was a little bit of a shock for him. Even more shocking to realize that he'd been going as "Mr. Williams" or "Matt" more than he was going as Canada.

Of course, he could argue, that it was for simplicity's sake. He got enough awkward questions every time he introduced himself as a country, and more often than not, he was looked at as a loon.

Regardless, the revelation had him overwhelmed at the sort of turn his life had taken.

But even worse, despite all his searching and determination. All the missions he took to outside places, all libraries he'd scoured on Time Compression...

He was kind of okay with this.

iv) Ta-Da

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