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Name:Matthew Williams | Canada
Birthdate:Jul 1
all of us, we stay the same, only our habits change

Name: Canada / Matthew Williams
Age: At least four-hundred. Looks around late teens, early twenties.
Gender: Male
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Timeline: Present Day
Role: Meister
Ability: Calming Wavelength - Is able to sooth souls around him and is unaffected by the Madness Wavelength.
Partner: N/A
Soul Description: Soft-spoken, peace-loving, friendly, capable, jittery, forgetable

Interests (55):

air conditioning, baaaw biba, being bigger, being noticed, being shibusen's ambassador, boobsquishing hugs from didi, burning white houses, ca-na-da, china's cooking, classes, coffee and donuts, cold weather, cooking channel, didi, don't have a crush, francis, getting noticed by england, giant robots, gtfo my vital-regions alfred, hockey, i'm not crazy, ice cream with cuba, kumajiro, maple syrup, my citizens being hot, no beans in applesauce, not being alfred, not being sat on, not dissection, not dunking booths, not getting beat up, not getting ignored, not pissing off countries, not rise's teasing, not robomerica, not russia, not the moon, not the sun, not this heat, not witches, ottawa, ranting for three hours, rise, rooming with china, snow, souji is the un, souji on house arrest, sweet things, taiwan rememebers me!, tea with england, tim hortons, topping america, why is it bleeding, winning arguments, wtf is wrong_with_this place

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