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If you are reading this, the chances are I'm gone. Regardless if my disappearance is because of my death within the war or because BREW simply thought it was time I went home, I've left behind these notes. I hope that because they were written on something not belonging to me, that they will not follow me home.

Attached to this note are several envelopes. Each envelope has a name and inside are letters to those I've become close to. If they are still present in the city, it would mean a lot if you could have them find their way to who they belong to.


Note 01

-We decided to do this in the chance we're separated. Honestly, I hope that it doesn't have to come to this until we've won this war. I'd like to go home, but only if we all do. If we all get to come home together. Sadly, I guess there's no way for us to know for sure if that'll happen. It scares me a little bit.

Anyways. Anything that's left behind, is for you to take. I hope that ...despite my disappearance, you'll be able to carry on with that warm smile of yours. Don't be sad. Carry on, because I know you're strong. I believe in you, just like you've believed in me time and again. I'll never forget this time here, I'll never forget you. You've brought out the best in me, by making me face the worst in me. For that...I don't have the words.

Thank you.

Note 02

I realized not long ago, that you and I are one of the few remaining from the beginning. It worries me a little, and I felt the need to update this. Not only that, but the fight with Adachi is finally coming... I don't want to assume the worst but- it doesn't hurt to be prepared, right?

You're so very important to me, Rise. It seems like everything we've gone through up until this point is just- I don't want this battle to be the last thing we tough through together. But, war is ...well. It's cruel isn't it? I should know, as many of them as I've seen. If I don't make it ...

[Something here is scribbled out.]

Thank you for everything.

Note 03

We've been through a lot, haven't we? Even looking back now, thinking about how chance our first meeting was. How, just days after that we were flung into a battleground and how ever since we've stuck together and come out on top.

Tonight was the opening of Northern Lights. That restaurant I've told you about for the last few weeks. It's opened, its in my name. It ...feels good, to be able to do something like that, you know? To put your name on something and say it's yours. my absence, if I am no longer able, I'd like for you to take it. I don't want to dump such a heavy responsibility on you.

You're free to do what you wish, with it. I trust you, whatever it is you decide.

...there's more for me to say, but words make it really hard to express something as abstract as feelings. I've learned a lot about that in my stay here. How to truly feel, how to speak up and how to make my own decisions. I have you to thank for all of that. I feel like now, I truly am myself.

Its a nice feeling. And even if I do have to leave, or if I fall defending what I hold dear, I'm okay with that. Because I can take with me all that I've learned and all that I've experienced. I can say 'maybe I don't have any regrets'.

And it's all because of you. You're everything to me. You are my reason. You are the sun I wake up to, the moon that bids me good night. You are what holds my hand in the darkness and what pulls me into the light. That's all really cheesy but its all true.

You are my heart. I


Note 01

If you've gotten this, it means I'm not around anymore. I hope you won't be so stubborn to not open it. If it's because I've died in the war then- I'm sorry. You and I both know how war is. There's not much I can say other than if you did something stupid because of it, I'll never forgive you.

If its because BREW sent me home- well, I guess I'm sorry for that too. I don't really want to be the one to leave everyone else hanging, but I know: You'll be alright without me. You can carry on ahead. When you get to come home, you can tell me about everything I missed.

Take care of yourself.

Note 02

The fight with Adachi is coming up. I'm updating this- not because I'm worried. I'm just being practical, okay? If for some reason I don't make it- [scribbles, the note cuts off here.]

Note 03

I meant what I said, about being reckless while I'm gone. If you're reading these, it means I'm not here to go along with your schemes. Be careful out there. Regardless of what you might think, I care about you. I don't want to lose you, alright? We're brothers and nothing will change that.

Keep an ear out for Rise too, if she's still there. For me, okay?


Note 01

Take care of him. I'm counting on you.


...It's hard to put into words the things I want to say, in the chance that I'm no longer here to say them myself. I've always found myself looking up to you when I was younger. I don't think that's changed.

Thank you for giving me a chance here. To prove to you that there's ...a little more to me than you might have thought years ago. Thank you for giving me your trust. You might not think much of it- but it means a lot, it really does.

Thank you.

I hope by the time you read this, you'll still think the same. I hope that I've been able to make you proud.

Note 02

[Dated just before the Adachi fight] If I don't make it- Don't. Be careful. Please.

Note 03

You two are cute. I'm not that oblivious, you know. It took you both long enough. Seriously. Alright, alright, teasing aside.

Thanks for everything. I know that you two will take care of each other once I'm gone. Be safe.


Note 03 [Intended for the first France.]

You haven't changed much- it's still good to see you, in the case that I'm gone now. If so, I look forward to having dinner with you more when you come home.

Note 02

[A lot of scribbles here, it looks like he forgot to toss this one out. "Don't die on me" may be made out. It's dated before the current France's arrival.]

Note 03

By now Northern Lights is up and running. Thank you for all the help you've given me, I couldn't have done it without you. If I'm gone, for whatever reason, I just want you to know that I do appreciate you. You're one of the people that helped shape me into who I am today, and though we may not always agree, you'll aways be family to me.

So thank you. One day, maybe I'll be the nation you can be proud of.

Be careful, alright? I want to see all of us make it home. I don't want to think about what it would be like to lose you. I mean it.


Note 01

You're a strong kid. It's hard to imagine the things you've gone through at such a young age and still you're able to pull through. I admire you, so I hope you didn't take it too personal when I was hounding you about staying in bed.

You're a very close friend of Rise's so by proxy, I'm going to worry about you, it's what I do. I hope, even with me not there, you'll take care of yourself.

Note 02

I'm happy for you both. You two deserve a little happiness after all of this mess. We came out on top against some pretty bad odds. I hope you'll continue to stay strong. Not just for your friends or for Yosuke, but for you, too.

Older brothers worry. You know that.


Note 01

I shouldn't be glad about seeing friends trapped in this place, but I can't help it. It was so good to see you again. I may not be here right now but nothing will change that. I hope that you've forgiven me for the Shadow incident. I can't replace you as a friend and I hope by now you've realized that.

Thanks for always being the one to listen to me.

Note 02

I'm writing this as Northern Lights opens it's doors. I can't thank you enough for all the help. You're part of the reason I was able to do this. Since I'm gone now, chances are I've left it all to Rise. Do me one more huge favor and make sure she's not alone right now. I promise once you all get back we'll have the biggest ice cream and rum party our side of the world has ever seen.

And thanks again, for being my friend. I feel like we've gotten closer through out all of this, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Take care of yourself.


Note 01

It's a little odd, I didn't expect to get to know you like I did while I was here. I'm glad I did. I'm glad you found your way into my apartment, because I honestly didn't quite want to be alone. You may not realize it, but you provided to me a lot of support and I hope, once we're all back home, we can continue to be. You know. Friends.

Thanks China.


Note 01

Ha, if you're reading this, its going to be one big apology. I'm sorry that I'm not with the city anymore, be it because I lost the fight, or BREW sent me packing. I'm sorry that I can't be there to help anymore. I hope maybe you'll be able to find another go-between. Though, Spirit isn't that hard to talk to, really.

I'm sure you'll be fine, and that everyone else will be fine too. I'm counting on you to bring us all home.

...And thank you. For pushing me to have a little more faith in myself and in what I can do. You have my gratitude.


Note 01

First of all, just. Thank you. For everything you've done for me. It may not seem like a lot, but in my early days here, you'd shown me more kindness than I can remember receiving for a long time. I was touched by your worry for me during the air raid, and even more so when you remembered my name after only knowing me for a few days. And then again, when you came to visit me in the infirmary.

It seems trivial but- this. This really meant so much to me. So, thank you.

And thank you for putting up with my ambassador job. For helping me help the other guests. Thank you for also being that someone I could talk to if I needed to. You and Rise were the first two people to treat me like a human being- like I was really important. I can't say it enough.

Thank you.

Employees of Northern Lights

If you've received this, it means your boss is on an extended vacation. I'm sorry. I've left the restaurant in capable hands so I hope that you all will continue you to show her the same respect that you all have shown me.

I can't thank you all enough for your hard-work. For making this place get on its feet. For making a ridiculous country like me this happy.

I'll miss you guys. Don't give Rise a hard time, okay?

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A-Ah. Spirit, it'll be okay...

I'll be back, I promise.

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