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Name: Canada, Matthew Williams
Age: Looks about 19, actually 400+
Gender: Male
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Timeline: Present time, 2011. Would be amongst current events.
History: [Link goes here]

Character Personality: Calm, quiet and rational are often used to describe Matthew. He's soft-spoken and kind-hearted and almost the complete opposite of his brother, Alfred. As such, he's also an extremely patient individual and much more laid back than his neighboring country. At his core he is a peace keeper and someone who would much rather talk through a solution than fight. He has a gift in diplomacy above all else is an idealist who just wants the world to calm down and get along. 
Matt is definitely not without his faults despite all this. Often times Matt finds himself getting ignored with his inability to speak up. He has issues with his self-confidence and often finds himself unable to truly believe in himself.  Despite that, he is an optimist, even in the most hopeless of ways. Despite having convinced himself he can't do something, he will still give it his all, no matter what it is.  Matt may be soft, but he is no quitter. He also has something of an anger trigger. Once he's to a certain breaking point he's been known to let loose on whatever poor soul pissed him off. He ranted at America for three hours straight once, for example, which ended with the latter in tears. 
And although he's usually a pretty nice guy, Matt does have a sarcastic streak and a subtle passive-aggressive nature. This is something he usually reserves for Alfred but anyone really willing to get on his nerves would be subject to this as well as a cynical attitude that he probably got from England. In addition, Matt is someone who's been alive for many centuries. He's seen his fair share of wars and violence. He's seen the highest and the lowest points in humanity and so he is by no means naive. He has a serious mode and knows very well how to conduct himself on the battle field. 
Just ask Gemany about that, really. 

As far as Death City goes, he's come a long way in gaining his confidence. He has proved himself to be a good leader, strategist, and reliable fighter over the course of the game. His confidence is higher than his canon-self. At the very least people seem to remember him better now. On the flip side, he is fully aware of how easily he fits into the role of a human and he's very at odds with himself when it comes to how he should behave around them. 

Character Abilities: Due to the nature of his existence, Matt has a near immortal life span. He ages at a very slow rate and could potentially live for many centuries, millenia even if his home allows. This also means that he's very hard to injure and even harder to kill. In the Soul Campaign setting he's also a practiced fighter. Not an expert mind you, but he's good enough to surprise someone in a fight. 

As far as non physical ability goes, Matt is a good diplomat and promoter of peace.  Since I'm also pulling him back with his previous development he is also a hard worker, developing leader and has done well in war strategy and just fighting over all. (Never mind his frequent visits to the infirmary of course.)

Also he has the ability to make America cry. With words

Character Weaknesses: Canada's biggest known weakness is and will always be his self-confidence. Though from his current point he has gotten a lot better about it, there will always be the nagging voice in the back of his head asking him if he really thinks he can do it. A lot of the time this made him unsure of his capabilities and often easily stepped on or over looked. His invisibility is notably better than it once was however. Though usually level headed he can be quick to panic and stumble through intense situations.
Physically in Soul Campaign he is also not more durable than a normal human. He can be killed just as easily as anyone else. Mentially this knowledge has always scared him a bit despite his involvement in the war. 
He also kind of really despises the heat in Death City. Seriously Nevada, learn how to fucking snow.


As far as what he may keep in Soul Campaign, Canada is multilingual. He's fluent in French and English as well as tolerable in a few other languages like German, Italian and a few from southeast Asia. Also it might be plausible for him to keep a small fraction of his psychical durability? As well as his tolerance to the cold. 

One of his major weaknesses, or well in his opinion anyways, when he comes back to Death City will be his displacement among the other countries. In the past he has often berated himself for fitting so easily into the human life style that he was afraid he liked it better than his purposed roll as Canada. That sort of insecurity has never really left him, and when he gets brought back it'll be a fresh wound. 


Making Matt a meister is something that heavily pushed him from his comfort zone. Over the course of the game he slowly showed that he did well being placed in a position of leadership, however small. Basically, even though Matt is an introverted guy used to getting pushed around and ignored, he is gifted in getting the job done and doing what he has to do for what he believes is right. So, because of this, Matt should stay a Meister like he was previously in the game.

Meister Abiity: Matt had the calming wavelength before so is it alight he just get that back?


Soul Description: Peace-loving, friendly, capable, jittery, optimistic, quiet

Soul Appearance: 


First Person: 

[The SC clicks on. The image isn't clear at first but once it finally falls into focus a familiar pair of violet eyes are looking back at the screen. His expression seems calm and distracted but there's a certain hint of worry and nervousness in his words when he begins to speak.]

Ah- there we go- um, hello. It ...seems like Death City decided it wasn't done with me yet. 

[Small pause. He tries to think of what to say, this whole thing is kind of awkward.]

If someone could tell me the date, I would be really grateful. Also um. What's been going on lately in the city? And if there's anyone still here that I know, could you maybe message me? If its not too much trouble, that is.

My name is Canada, or Matthew Williams if you prefer. This is my second time in Death City. Nice to meet all of you. 

[He's starting to lose his confidence. He shakes his head. That's not how he's supposed to be, remember? Let's try this again.]

[And he falters.]

Rise? ....Al? Arther? Francis? Are you still here?

Third Person:

The days seemed to get longer with each passing crisis. If its something Matt had learned to do without in the last several weeks, it was sleep. He didn't quit though, no he had a job to do. His people were counting on him and he was damned if he was going to let them down because of a little insomnia. 

Of course insomnia had very little to do with the reason he wasn't sleeping. He just had so much on his mind. The world seemed to be falling into chaos and at home he was busy with the prospect of a new election. A lot of things were happening at once, not to mention he was still far from being over the whole Death City fiasco. Far from it. The one thing he could at least partially think his busy schedule for was that it did a decent job of keeping him from dwelling on that dreamlike past. 

Because every time his thoughts strayed, he would think of her, and then he would hurt with an inconsolable ache. 

So, obviously, sleep never came easy for him.

Perhaps that was why after a particularly long day, he found himself finally nodding off in the middle of paperwork. He hadn't closed his eyes for long, but when he did, he felt something. Uncomfortable at first and then a horrible sense of veritgo. All at once it was familiar and it caused him to snap awake with wide-eyed awareness. 

He forgot to breath. It was a terrible feeling where he wasn't sure whether to be in shock, angry, or overjoyed. 

He was standing alone in the darkness of the Kishen Chamber once again. 

Maybe BREW just wasn't done with him yet. 

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